The Finishers - Official Trailer

  • A film by Nils Tavernier.
    Though seventeen-year-old Julien (Fabien Héraud) enjoys the unbridled affection of his mother, Claire (Alexandra Lamy), he has always felt distant from his father, Paul (Jacques Gamblin). A rugged outdoorsman and avid thrill-seeker, Paul bitterly resents the congenital palsy that confines his son to a wheelchair, and has often sought work far from home as a means of suppressing his frustrations. With the termination of his latest contract, however, the situation quickly comes to a head. Discovering an article about the Hoyts online, Julien challenges his father to jointly take part in an upcoming triathlon. At first, Paul brusquely rebuffs the suggestion. But when Julien makes an impassioned display of his determination, he is forced to reconsider. Together, father and son will train for the gauntlet that will galvanize their newly forged bond. #TheFinishers
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