KUNG FU FIGHTER Official Trailer (2013) HD

  • Kung Fu Fighter', a new Chinese martial arts movie directed by Tanxing Chen (AKA Dragon Chen) and Kwang Che Ching.
    After accidentally killing his competition during a kung fu movie audition, Cheng Lindong is sentenced to seven years in prison, upon which he is released back into the world and the arms of his faithful girlfriend, Ke Lin. In a desperate move for a new life, he changes his identity and finds a job as a sparring partner at a boxing gym subsidized by its wealthy benefactor, Huang Li, who also happens to own a film studio. Eventually, Cheng's hard work earns him Li's gratitude and appreciation. But Cheng's potential for greatness brings Li's attention after he rescues Li's daughter, earning him the admiration and celebrity status ""Kung Fu Fighter"" and ultimately, another chance at film stardom...a chance that could cost him his releationship, and more.
    Release Date: 15 November 2013 (China)
    Director: Tanxing Chen, Kwang Che Ching
    Cast: Tanxing Chen, Liu Hailong, Wang Linna, Shi Lin, Lam Wai, and Zhang Liqing
    Genre: Martial Arts
    Country: China
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