Black Widow - Final Trailer Music [HQ Trailer Edit | Trailer Music Brigade - The Red Room]

  • This is the full track playing throughout the final trailer (officially just dubbed "New Trailer") for Marvel's Black Widow, taken directly from the trailer. As usual, I tried to leave most vocals and additional sound out of this mix but also kept some that I felt supported the music.
    This track, titled "The Red Room", was arranged by Chris Hurn as an interpolation of Alan Silvestri's Avengers Theme for Trailer Music Brigade (SPM Music Group). Chris Hurn was also the mastermind behind "Whatever it Takes", the music from 2019's "To the End" trailer for Marvel's Avengers Endgame. If that one is to go by, this track probably won't get an official release, so this is probably as close as it gets for now. Still, I encourage you to check out their other work and following their online presences!
    Some disclaimers:
    This video was fan-made for fun and to promote the movie as well as the featured music. I do not get any money for it and I do not intend to, rather do I encourage the owners and rightholders of the original content to monetize this video themselves. I'm not associated with the producers of the movie or the music featured in this video. No copyright infringement is intended; the movie footage, image and music / Sound Design in this video belong to their rightful owners. Original trailer edited by Andrew Hegele / The Hive.

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