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    ● Track Name: "The Countdown" by Composer Squad ©
    ● Track Description: Epic Cinematic Space Trailer Music featuring atmospheric pads & countdown clock sound creating suspense, while the powerful orchestral percussion creates an unforgettable energetic impact. Perfect for trailers, movies, documentaries and videos about space and rocket launches.
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    ► We're a team of composers and music producers with over 60000 music licenses (collectively) sold to date.
    ► We have been creating music for media since 2009 for all kinds of projects: Commercials, TV shows, films, websites, YouTube videos, you name it!
    ► Our music has been featured in popular TV Shows such as "The Voice" "CSI" and many others, also in commercials for "Porsche", "Castrol" and "Yokohama" and more.
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    ► Can I use your music in my YouTube videos?
    ● Yes, you can use our music in your YouTube videos, if you want to whitelist your video you can join one of the tiers of our Patreon subscription. As soon as you join you'll be able to submit your videos for whitelisting.
    ► Will I receive a copyright strike or a claim if I use your music in my videos?
    ● You will never receive a copyright strike from Composer Squad, though you may receive a copyright claim which doesn't affect your account status, so you can just keep the video(s) uploaded to your channel.
    If you want to know more about the difference between a copyright strike and a claim, see the official Google answer here:
    ► I don’t need monetization, can I use your music for free?
    ● Yes, you can use our music for free if it's non-commercial, i.e. if you aren't earning money from it.
    ► Is your music copyright-free?
    ● No, our music is copyrighted and protected by international copyright law. However, when you become our Patron or purchase a single track license, you are granted the right to use our music in your videos, which will be whitelisted against any and all copyright claims from Composer Squad.
    ► What happens to my YouTube videos when my Patreon subscription ends?
    ● Your videos will remain whitelisted, however, you won't be able to use our music in your newer videos, until you renew your subscription.
    ► Can I use your music in my YouTube content, without joining your Patreon, if I put your name in the description?
    ● Yes, you can use our music for free if you don't want to monetize the video, crediting Composer Squad in the description is optional but appreciated.
    ► How to credit you in my video?
    ● Copy & Paste the following text:
    Music: The Countdown By Composer Squad
    Music Link:
    ► Can I use CS music in my Film, App, or Commercial? Do I need a license certificate?
    ● To use our music in films, apps and commercials you'll have to purchase a license via
    ► Can I use the video footage or artwork from the Composer Squad channel in my videos?
    ● No, the video footage we are using is licensed from Videoblocks.
    ► How do I contact you in case of questions:
    ● You can always reach us at:
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