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    In this review, I talk about how the world in the Matrix movie. After the war with the robots, people did the operation dark storm to cover the sky to cut down the solar power which were used by robots to operate. But the plan did not work and the robots won anyway. Then they plugged all humans to a battery to use as the power source. Peoples' brains were connected to matrix to stimulate their brain activities inside a computer program simulation. People inside the matrix did not know they were not living in the reality, the same way the people doesn't understand they are dreaming. Zion is the last human civilization according to the Matrix movie, resistance has a back channel to the matrix to save people. The film starts with Morpheus and Trinity looking for Neo who they belive is the one.
    There were 3 Matrix movies in late 1990s and early 2000s. The Matrix 4 Resurrections is released on 22nd December 2021.
    මේ review එකෙන් අපි කතා කරන්නේ Matrix චිත්‍රපටිය හා සම්බන්ධ ලෝකය ගැන.
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    00:00 Intro
    01:25 Second Renaissance
    02:23 B166-ER
    03:41 Man vs Robot
    05:46 Machine City
    07:04 Dark Storm
    07:55 The battery
    09:59 The Matrix
    14:08 Resistance
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