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  • Synopsis: The Movie "Gone With Hero 怪醫刀客 " is one of the Best Chinese Martial Arts Action Movie. 14 years ago, Hua Luo was a hot-blooded warrior who enforced justice on behalf of Heaven. But he fell into a trap of Wang Cheng and killed magistrate by mistakes. Then he left and lived in seclusion as a doctor with the magistrate's young daughter, Sun Yan. 14 years later, thieves spread like wildfire, A strange disease outbreaks in the county. After investigating, Hua Luo found it was related to the new county magistrate, Wang Cheng who was also the real murderer 14 years ago. In order to save Sun Yan, Hua Luo has to put on his warrior suit again and have a final fight with Wang Cheng again...
    故事简介: 电影《怪医刀客 Gone With Hero》讲述 医术高超的华洛,年轻时热衷于行侠仗义,化身为“十字刀客”四处屠杀恶人,但因十四年前县令灭门案,被王承陷害成杀人凶手,从此放弃做杀手专心行医,抚养县令遗孤孙琰,一心想治好孙琰的眼盲赎罪。十四年后黄巾军起义,天下大乱,在一个叫谯县的小城内,某天小城突发邪病,名医华洛的药童因此丧命,华洛断定邪病与一种叫斯泰龙的蜥蜴血有关,而华洛也在寻找此物作为药引为自己的女徒弟治病。他逐渐查明真相,凶手竟是当年陷害自己的匪徒。为惩治为非作歹、滥杀无辜的匪徒,拿到药引,华洛换上自己侠义刀客的真实身份,与对方拼死一战。
    出品 Studio: 非比寻常 Phoebe Media
    导演 Director: 侯国涛 Hou Guotao
    主演 Starring: 骆达华 TAT-WAH LOK, 李栋 Li Dong, 吴丹尼 Wu Danni, 孙健豪 Sun Jianhao
    题材 Genres: 武侠 Martial Arts, 动作 Action
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