Unbeatable (MMA) Official Trailer HD (2013)

  • Unbeatable (MMA) directed by Dante Lam and starring Nick Cheung, Eddie Peng, Mei Ting
    FAI (Nick CHEUNG), once a world champion in boxing, escapes to Macau from the loan sharks and unexpectedly encounters QI (Eddie PANG), a young chap who is determined to win a boxing match. FAI becomes QI's mentor and rediscovers his passion to fight not only in the ring but for his life and the cares.
    Release Date: June 2013
    Director: Dante Lam
    Writer: Dante Lam, Jack Ng, Fung Chi-fung
    Starring: Nick Cheung, Eddie Peng, Mei Ting, Crystal Lee, Philip Keung, Jack Kao, Andy On, Wang Baoqiang
    Genre: Action, Comedy, History, Martial Arts
    Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English
    Country: Hong Kong - China

    Category : Martial Arts Movie Trailers