Jurassic World Dominion is Disappointing | Movie Review

  • This is my Jurassic World Dominion Movie Review. Leave your Jurassic World Dominion Reviews and Reactions below. Explain your thoughts on this one, its ending, and this wild Jurassic film. My final conclusion is that Jurassic World Dominion is Disappointing, but that doesn't mean you won't have fun. This is Jurassic World 3 but the franchise capper.
    This summer, experience the epic conclusion to the Jurassic era as two generations unite for the first time. CHRIS PRATT and BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD are joined by LAURA DERN, JEFF GOLDBLUM and SAM NEILL in Jurassic World Dominion, a bold, timely and breathtaking new adventure that spans the globe.
    From Jurassic World architect and director COLIN TREVORROW, Dominion takes place four years after Isla Nublar has been destroyed. Dinosaurs now live—and hunt—alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether human beings are to remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history’s most fearsome creatures.
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    Time Codes:
    Story and Rating - 0:00
    The World Trilogy - 0:58
    Exposition and Current Cast - 3:12
    Classic Characters and Cheese - 5:39
    Villains and Second Act Struggle - 7:08
    Easter Eggs and Fan Service - 9:05
    Solid Horror and Action - 10:55
    Final Thoughts - 12:05
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