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  • Synopsis: The wuxia martial arts action film "Fong Sai-Yuk, For The Winner 方世玉之勝者為王" tells a story of Fang Shiyu. He vowed to tell the truth to the world after being slandered and imprisoned in a case of murder and robbery. With the help of his companion and mother Miao Cuihua, he recovered the treasure for his master and got rid of a corrupt official for the country.
    故事简介: 武侠动作电影《方世玉之胜者为王 Fong Sai-Yuk, For The Winner》讲述了方世玉在不幸被卷入杀人抢劫的案件被污蔑入狱之后,发誓要将真相告知于天下,在同伴及母亲苗翠花的帮助下,替老师追回了宝物,同时也替国家除掉了一个贪官污吏的故事。
    出品 Studio: 北京飞力鸟传媒 Fei Li Niao Media.
    制片人 Produced by: 钟聪海 Zhong Conghai, 杨光 Yang Guang, 赵伟杰Zhao Weijie, 李澭翔 Li Yongxiang.
    导演 Directed by: 杨小波 Yang Xiaobo.
    编剧 Screenplay by: 史强 Shi Qiang.
    主演 Starring: 吴逸迦 Wu Yijia, 何佳宁 He Jianing, 一龙 Yi Long, 周小飞 Zhou Xiaofei, 大洋(美国) David Williams (US).
    题材 Genres: 武侠 Martial Arts, Wuxia, 动作 Action.
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