Prey Movie Review (2022) - Sucks It's A Hulu Exclusive!

  • The Predator is back with a prequel film called PREY. A Hulu exclusive that by the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane. I had incredibly low expectations for this movie and that was entirely based on it being a streaming exclusive. I'm very happy to report that my initial troubles washed away as soon as the film started. Prey is a worthy prequel and one of the best Predator movies to-date. The R rated survival action film has beautiful cinematography, a gripping score, a compelling lead actress and plenty of bloody Predator goodness. With a quick runtime and a great pace, Prey is an easy watch that any fan of the series should see!
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    Narrated by: Adam Olinger
    Edited by: Adam Olinger

    Category : Movie Reviews