NO WAY OUT (2020) International Trailer | Max Huang Martial Arts Movie

  • An ex criminal (Max Huang) gets hired by the police to work undercover inside a drug cartel, but when he saves a little girl, he blows his cover.
    Written, Directed & Produced by: Max Huang
    (In order of appearance)
    Jason/ Chen Max Huang
    Chen’s daughter Lilya Isabell Di Ruvo
    Chen’s Wife Claudia Ploy Heinz
    Oz Eskindir Tesfay
    Zhong Zhong To
    The girl Mariella Lin
    Goetz Volkram Zschiesche
    Bodyguard Ulrik Bruchholz
    Kommissar Schwarz Stephan Schäfer
    Gang Member Lee Lee Huang
    Gang Member Temur Temur Mamishasvili
    Gang Member Muhammet Muhammet Aksoy
    Gang Member in bathroom Dave Ardito
    Gang Member Niklas Niklas Kienzel
    Screenplay by:
    Max Huang
    Muhammet Aksoy
    Production Manager Anna-Barbara Widjaja
    Production Manager Muhammet Aksoy
    Production Manager Alex Lind
    Production Manager Pia Cubird
    Production Manager Kamay Kan
    Camera Department:
    1st Director of Photography Dave Ardito
    2nd Director of Photography Vi-Dan Tran
    3rd Director of Photography Zhong To
    (A) Camera Operator Dave Ardito
    (B) Camera Operator Vi-Dan Tran
    (C) Camera Operator Zhong To
    Steadicam Operator Vi-Dan Tran
    Gimbal Operator Lars Goldbach
    (A) Camera Assistant Pia Grey
    (B) Camera Assistant Khoa Huynh
    (C) Camera Assistant Lars Kjeld Riedel
    Camera Operator Reshoot Lee Huang
    Music composed by:
    Vincent Lee
    Post Production Service by:
    Beijing Langjiafeng Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
    Post Production Supervisor:
    Cui Jian
    Visual Effects Supervisor :
    Kwai Li
    Costume Designer:
    Antonia Jauss
    Sound Mixer:
    Giulio Rasi
    Ingo Aurich
    Script Supervisors:
    Katja Wagner
    Muhammet Aksoy
    Anna-Barbara Widjaja
    Lee Huang
    Alex Lind
    Action Design:
    Max Huang Stunt Team
    Stunt Coordinator:
    Thomas Hacikoglu
    Fight Choreographer:
    Max Huang
    Assistant Fight Choreographers:
    Eskindir Tesfay, Muhammet Aksoy
    Stunt Performer:
    Lee Huang
    Igor Tjumenzev
    Maik Müller
    Temur Mamisashvili
    Muhammet Aksoy
    Niklas Kienzel
    Khoa Huynh
    Utility Stunts: Bob Snowman
    Stunt Equipment by:
    Chris Gneißl - G Action
    Matthias Schendel - Stunt Team Germany
    Camera Operator Previz:
    Ulrik Bruchholz, Chris Gneißl
    Stunt Performer Previz:
    David Torok, Thomas Hacikoglu
    Grip Department:
    Chief lighting technician Vi-Dan Tran
    Chief lighting technician Zhong To
    lighting technician Philip Fleischmann
    lighting technician Lars Kjeld Riedel
    lighting technician Pia Grey
    lighting technician Khoa Huynh
    lighting technician Lars Goldbach
    Special Camera Equipment by: Thomas Spitzbart Kameraverleih
    Sound Department:
    Sound Mixer Giulio Rasi
    Sound Mixer Ingo Aurich
    First assistant sound technician Ulrik Bruchholz
    Second assistant sound technician Pia Grey
    Special Effects provided by: Sven Kühn
    Visual Effects Department:
    Visual Effects Supervisor Kwai Li
    Visual Effects Artist 郭占华 Benson
    Post Production Service by:
    Beijing Langjiafeng Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
    后期总监: 崔健
    Post Production Supervisor: Cui Jian
    后期统筹: 陈晓姣
    Post Production Coordination: Chen xiaojiao
    调色师: 兰兰
    DI Colorist: Lanlan
    字幕: 王九思
    Subtitle: Wang jiusi
    视频技术: 张子荣
    Video Technology: Zhang zirong
    Chinese Subtitles: Renne Zhang Yang
    Catering: Anna-Barbara Widjaja
    Noorman Widjaja
    Antonia Jauss
    Locations provided by: Mathies Wandt- Rosi Nuernberg
    Richie - Australian Bar & Kitchen Nuernberg
    Ralf Haeger- Haeger Stunt & Wireworks
    Location Managers: Maddin Kiefer
    Julian Vasel
    Hair & Make Up Designer: Kamay Kan
    Editing Consultants: Hauke Hilberg
    Vi-Dan Tran
    Ulrik Bruchholz

    Category : Martial Arts Movie Trailers