Sumeru 3.0 Trailer: Genshin Impact/The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings Piano Arrangement

  • FINALLY SUMERU!!!!!!!! Well I do have a feeling that all battle themes of Sumeru gonna be extremely difficult to arrange (or Let's say to be able to play) because of the use of drum. It's so fast and intense which will make the arrangement a lot harder to bring the syncopation and the rhymic pace. The frequent use of ornaments also makes the right hand a lot harder.
    This trailer music basically is a combination of Sumeru's main theme + Battle theme 1 (Swirls of Shamshir) + Battle Theme 2 (which was in the Sumeru Trailer 1) I especially like the theme in the 2nd half of Tighnari part. That theme is part of Sumeru's main theme but used in Swirls of Shamschir with the Teyvat Battle Motif included. It gives me goosebump everytime I hear it doesn't matter in 3.0 trailer or "Sumeru" or "Swirls of Shamshir".
    For arrangement this time, Jasper Hu mainly focus on the beginning section and I take charge of the characters' part. As mentioned before, it's quite difficult to arrange the characters part if the arrangement is considered for performance. Jasper Hu has also written the 2nd half of Tighnari and Dori but I had to change the accompaniment pattern a lot to be able to play at that speed (Especially Dori part, which is just so difficult to arrange and play)
    The sheet music after finishing arranging actually looks alright but it took me the whole last night to record it because it's way harder than how it looks (compare with something like Enkanomiya Battle Theme). Everything looks straight forward but just not easy to put together.
    We invited Travis Zhou this time for making the drum SFX. Even tho the arrangement is designed for piano solo, I think it's interesting to add the drum from the game on it. It's so brain-washing!!!! Thanks to Travis Zhou to transcribe the drum and make the drum video :)
    Anyway, I hope you will like this arrangement ~
    Sheet Music:
    Difficulty 4-4.5/5 (easy for reading, but difficult for gaining speed and accuracy)
    (The difficulty is only rated according to my OWN arrangements so people can know it before they tried to learn it. I set my hardest arrangements as 5/5 and the easist as 1/5. It doesn't represent the difficulty of average piano arrangements on Youtube.)
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