THE FOGGY MOUNTAIN (2020) Trailer | Peter Pham Martial Arts Thriller Movie

  • THE FOGGY MOUNTAIN: It’s Peter Pham VS. Simon Kook In The Official Trailer
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    Will revenge a deliverance or cause more enemies? After the unexpected death of his wife, Phi - a free fighter decided to return to Vietnam to demand a debt of blood. In Foggy Mountain, he not only confronted Ba Rau and his feuding to kill his wife but also discovered a series of terrifying secrets. Ba Rau is also the long-term fear of the people here. Fate once again placed Phi in the middle of his choices: vengeance on Ba Rau or protect the people in Foggy Mountain? And will Phi find the antidote for a poison known as "hatred" that exists within himself?
    Director: Phan Anh
    Co- Director: Ken Đinh
    Screenplay: Phan Anh – Phan Ngọc – Ken Đinh
    Cast: Peter Phạm, Trúc Mây, Simon Kook, Trương Đình Hoàng, Thạch Kim Long, Thiên Nhu, Công Ninh, Anh Tú, Bảo Tiên
    Producer company: Phan Bros
    Distribution Company: Galaxy Studio (Việt Nam).
    Release date: 17.07.2020
    Sneakshow 7pm 16.07.2020
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